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Bye Bye Allergies

The Bye Bye Allergies method is based on a simple but powerful principle: treating the underlying cause of the allergy, i.e. the site rather than its symptoms.

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Power of Magnetism

The Arc Énergie ® method is an advanced magnetism practice created by Arnault Richard de Chicourt that focuses on identifying and correcting energy imbalances in the body.

Audrey Leluc

Bye-Bye Allergies® and Magnetism Practitioner

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The Bye Bye Allergies ® method created by Françoise and Françoise Munsch

It’s a method for eliminating allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. This method is based on elements of kinesiology, Chinese energetics, accupressure…

According to Bye-Bye Allergies, the allergic phenomenon is an inappropriate physical, physiological or psychological reaction of the body to a given substance or substances.

This creates an internal communication error in the body, which disrupts the metabolism and is the source of allergies and intolerances, among other things.

By reprogramming the body’s communications, it has a very significant effect on the body, far beyond the field of allergies and intolerances.

This energetic method is a complement to allopathic treatment and in no way replaces a medical check-up.

For more detailed information on the method, please consult :

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Energetic/natural allergy treatment

Natural method/technique for eliminating food/respiratory intolerances/sensitivities (resolution of hypersensitivity)

Magnetism using the Arc Énergie ® method created by Arnault Richard de Chicourt

Arnault Richard de Chicourt’s discovery of the electrical activity of the hands has been the subject of 2 patents registered with the Paris Academy of Sciences and 2 successful scientific experiments under in vitro conditions on skin healing and burns.

This method combines the technical knowledge of laying on of hands with the body of the recipient, taking into account the functioning of hormonal glands and organs as well as all the cells in the human body.

The techniques learnt are effective on :

  • Troubles osteotendineux 
  • Troubles musculaires 
  • Troubles endocriniens
  • Troubles du système nerveux central
  • Troubles de la peau
  • Stress, choc post traumatique, insomnie
  • Arrêt tabagique ou addiction  (méthode déposée Arc énergie )
  • Remodelage corporel A.B.E.M (méthode déposée Arc énergie)

(Except for medically diagnosed disorders of genetic origin)

This method does not replace medical care.

For more information on the scientific evidence and the method, please consult :

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Both are effective for children, adults and pets.

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