Who am I?

My initial career

At 43, I’ve had a rather atypical career.
After studying languages, I worked in various export sales departments: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and peptones. Listening was at the heart of my job, so that I could offer the right service to my customers. It was a job where you had to be reactive and efficient. It taught me a lot about human nature, being in contact with people from all over the world. It was a very enriching experience.

My Bye Bye Allergies ® discovery

In 2019, I fall ill and need to refocus. I discovered the Bye Bye Allergies ® method in 2022 as a complement to my allopathic treatment. I realized that the world of energetics had always been part of me. I had buried it because it didn’t seem rational to me. This method has been a real revelation, helping me so much with my health. I’ll always be infinitely grateful to the person who recommended this method and to my BBA practitioner. It has enabled me to improve my health considerably and to rediscover harmony in my life.

It has had such an impact on me that I in turn wanted to help, taking into account the whole person, both physically and emotionally. So I trained in the Bye Bye Allergies ® method. I’ve completed the full course and supervise several times a year, so that I can offer you the best possible service.

Discovering magnetism with Arc Énergie ®

Life being made up of encounters, I discovered magnetism with the ARC énergie ® method with Arnault Richard de Chicourt and Coralie Mediet.

Arnault led me along the path of rationality concerning magnetism. With scientific proof to back it up, I’ve been able to unleash my potential and help those around me thanks to this practice. This method also focuses on the whole person. As far as I’m concerned, this training was more than just an apprenticeship, it was a real life experience that helped me evolve in depth.

Coralie passed on to me her knowledge of energetic care for animals. For me, it’s fundamental to help all living beings. Our modern society tends to disconnect us from nature, and I believe it’s vital to restore harmony between man and animal.

Your discovery: Almagy

During your visit, rest assured that I’ll do my best to help you: you can try out both techniques and make up your own mind.

During the session I will be :

  • totally available: time for you, to take care of you,
  • discreet and respectful of any information you may give me,
  • caring and attentive to your needs.

No promise of a cure will be made, but these energetic methods are a valuable and effective complement to traditional medicine.

Medicine and energetics work on different levels, which is why it’s important not to dissociate them, but to combine them.

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